Aug 15, 2012

Big feast sets swamp's water table

South Florida's water cycle is feast or famine:

Only we haven't had a big feast now in a couple of years.

Yes, by normal fall standards, October 2011 was a very rainy month ...

But to officially qualify as a Big Rain Month, otherwise known as a BRM, it would have had to top out above 10 inches of rain, it falling short at only only 9.5 inches instead.  Granted, it did put a lot of water into the swamp and Everglades just as the summer evapotranspiration machine was shutting down, thus helping sustain that water on the ground well into the dry season -- but definitions are definitions thus we can't count it in the same circle as August 2008 (i.e. month of Fay) and June 2005 (i.e. onslought of extratropical fronts).

It's now been four years (and waiting) ...

For a Big Rain Month to come our way.

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