May 5, 2012

Shellers beware!

Lightning welks have a beautiful shell.

Of course, never take them as long as they are alive.

This marbled chambered nautilus
is quite a find ...

Last summer I inadvertently stepped on the tip of one.

It cut into my toe pretty good.

But a year later I can't even find the scar.

I'm pretty sure it was my right big toe.

But remember to never take a shell
as long as they are alive!

Or maybe it was the left?

(Wherever it is, I wonder if that welk would know?)


Tabor said...

I am sure if people knew how bad they smell when they die they would be sure to let them live a long and healthy life and just take the shells.

Mindy said...

Is there a critter in the one you're holding? i.e. if something's in it, that means it's "alive"?

Rick Jones said...

Yes, Mindy. That large brown oval (second photo) is essentially the door to the animal's house, and some of the animal can be seen above.

To move, feed, etc., the animal can come partially out of the shell, and for security can pull itself inside as seen here.

I found this site that has more good info:

Unknown said...

Yes, that one was alive, thus we put it back. Interestingly, was also found an algae-coated welk shell which, upon closer inspection, revealed a giant hermit crab living inside. Thus, even none living shells are useful for them.