May 15, 2012

Hydrologically connected at the hip

Here's the structure that delivers water
to northeast Shark River Slough.

The S-333 is located along the Tamiami Trail at a slight jog in the road where Water Conservation 3A and 3B meet.  The structure will provide the source of water to the soon to be constructed One Mile Bridge (located out of sight along the canal (L29) that vanishes in the distance) for delivering water to Everglades National Park's northeast Shark River Slough.  To me, the most confusing thing about the structure is that its operation is based on a monitoring station (G-3273) located over ten miles away.

Here's the hydrograph of the
monitoring station that controls it.

Here's the hydrograph for the G-3273 hydrologic monitoring station.  It is located in the northeast Shark River Slough portion of Everglades National Park.  Rise of water levels at G-3273 into the red zone prompts water managers to shut the S-333 gates due to flooding in developed areas adjacent to the park.  Gates are reopened when water levels at G-3273 drop into the blue zone.  Of course if they drop too low (into the gray zone) there usually isn't enough water to flow even if the gates are open.

I don't know which of the two is more confusing.

Most baffling of all is their relative locations:

The two are located over ten miles apart!

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