May 17, 2012

Hydrologic snapshot of swamp

This map provides 
a "weekly updated"
hydrologic snapshot 
of Big Cypress Nat'l Preserve.

BCA1BCA2BCA3BCA4BCA5BCA6BCA7BCA8BCA9BCA10BCA11BCA12BCA13BCA14BCA15BCA16BCA17BCA18BCA19BCA20LOOP2LOOP1P34S343HWS344HWS343TWS344TWL28GapEDEN6Bar6aBar4Tam71Gate12Turner RiverLake OLake TraffordBCI rainBCSI rainS190 rainS140 rainRKI rainBCA17 rainBCA18 rainFKSTRN rainBCA14 rainBCA16 rainBCA15 rainRACF1 rain3ASW rainBCA4 rainOchopee rainBCA19 rainOasis rainBCA9 rainBCA10 rainBCA20 rainTMC rainCarnes to Monroe Sta SheetflowMonroe Sta to 40MB sheetflowCarnes to 40MB sheetflowS12A DischargeS12s total Discharge

It's "interactive," too:
Click on the icons to view
statistical and historical charts of the data.

To view it (and use it) week after week,
simply click on the Swamp Tab
at the top of Go Hydrology!

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