May 23, 2012

Hydrologic "snapshot" of Everglades

This map provides 
a "weekly updated"
hydrologic snapshot 
of the Everglades.

WCA1 SummaryWCA2 SummaryWCA3 SummarySite62Site63Site64Site65Site71NP201NE2P33NP206P36P37S12sS12aS12bS12cS12dS333S11sS10sG3273AngelsBCA12BCA18L28GapBCA5BCA4BCA6BCA11LOOP1BCA10P34BCNP-wideLake OTamiami Sheetflow WestTamiami Sheetflow EastS12aS12S333TheCulvertsS11S10S77S308S65ES18C
S331S344L28WPB RainBroward RainMiami Dade RainLake O RainEAA RainWCA 1&2 RainWCA3 RainBCNP RainWest EAA Rain

It's "interactive," too:
Click on the icons to view
statistical and historical charts of the data.

To view it (and use it) week after week,
simply click on the Glades Tab
at the top of Go Hydrology!

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