May 11, 2012

Fountain of free cold water!!!

If the best things in life are free …

Top on my list would be water.

Water fountains are free
(and often forgotten).

Even better is if it’s cold.

On a hot day there is nothing better, more refreshing, thirst quenching, or quite hits the spot.

My kids vote of course would go to free pizza.

(Usually that means Dad is buying!)


Cassundry said...

What a great picture

Unknown said...

That is too true - about being the one who buys the pizza, that is! Same was true in our family.

As to water, I agree too. But good water will not be free long if we keep taking it for granted and dumping and ruining wells.

Unknown said...

Who can argue over free pizza either. About the cold water, I am continually amazed how it always hits the spot. (Being cold is a difference maker!)