May 29, 2012

Fast out of the S-10 gate!

Some gates are very predictable ...

Other gates are barely open at all.

This graph shows regulatory stage for WCA1.
Can you see its recent rise into Zone A1?
That's the reason water managers opened the S-10s.

Put the S-10s in the latter category.

The S-10s release water from Water Conservation Area (WCA) 1 into downstream WCA2. Unlike the seasonally-predictable, i.e. you could set your calendar to them, S-12s, the S-10s are closed more then they are open. They are also more difficult to find. Apparently they are behind a lock and key on a sparsely driven levee.

The S-12s are along US41 for anybody to see.

On a personal note, I've never seen the S-10s.

This is the first time water has been released through the S-10s in over a year.  Can you see the "black dash" for the end of May 2012? That indicates a weekly average flow rate of between 200 and 1,000 cfs.

None the less, I am happy to hear it's open!

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