Apr 3, 2012

March of the alien invaders!

How unusually warm was March?

"It's almost like science fiction" was quoted in the national news. (read article)

March 2012 Temperature Comparison

Not that I or anyone saw any extraterrestrials.

But it did inspire me to dig manically into the March temperature data to see the proof.

The map above reports average monthly temperature for March across Florida and a few select towns on the continent for this year (top box) and the typical year (bottom box).

Can you see how this year's March in Tallahassee, Florida was Naples-like, in Atlanta, Georgia was Tallahassee-like, in Baltimore, Maryland was Atlanta-like, and Fargo, North Dakota was Baltimore-like temperature wise for the month of March?

The entire winter was warm in Naples,
or, I mean, warmer than normal

Word in Maryland is that dogwood trees are already in bloom.

I'm a quantitative guy, but also know that it's biological manifestations (not meteorological numbers) that provide the ultimate proof.

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