Apr 7, 2012

Easter Tortoise to visit Florida?

I’m not saying the Easter Bunny doesn’t exist …

But maybe The Tortoise should deliver the eggs instead.

Who will win the race?
By April, the Tortoise usually has a big lead

That’s because in south Florida the annual trek around (and around) the water cycle is best described by Aesop’s Fable concerning the race between The Tortoise and The Hare.

Think of rainfall as being The Hare and evapotranspiration The Tortoise.

On your mark, get set, Go!

The annual race starts in June, at the start of the wet season. Quick out of the gate and not looking back for months, The Hare (rainfall) takes an early and commanding lead. Then around October, early November at the latest, confident with his lead, The Hare suddenly stops, finds a nice cypress tree, and takes an unexpectedly-long dry season nap. Compare that to the slow plodding (yet steady) pace of The Tortoise. Each day, each week, each month – wet season or dry – The Tortoise (evapotranspiration) plugs away until, by mid winter or spring, has left The Hare in its dust.

And dusty it is in April when the Easter Bunny supposedly comes around.

By then The Hare has been asleep for months and the slow and steady (but increasing with each warming and rainless day) pull of evapotranspiration from the sky has rendered the swamp into a dry and crunchy terrain.

Sea turtle nest on Naples Beach
August 2011
As nice as quick deliveries could potentially be, i.e. The Hare (rainfall) ...

Better yet is to be reliable like the Tortoise
(and who actually lays eggs).

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