Apr 27, 2012

Bravest gator of them all?

Here's a gator that doesn't look so good:

It has a sickly-looking hump on its back and is also supposedly blind.

King of the Swamp?
In my book, yes.
Did I mention it is rather smallish, only 5 feet long, and also looks undernourished?

Apparently, too, it has a penchant for approaching humans, i.e. so it's not even that wild.

But I rank it among my favorite of the bunch.

It got entangled by a python and lived to tell about it.

(Okay, I'll admit, alligators don't talk.)


pguzek said...

Yeah! Hopefully the gator killed the python.

Janie said...

I guess the python's big squeeze is responsible for the gator's strange shape. Poor guy.
Of course, I would feel scared, not sorry, if he actually approached me. A phython would be even less welcome!

Unknown said...

I'm with Janie!