Apr 30, 2012

"Before and after" big rain

Does one rain really matter?

Consider the case of the photo point below.

April 19,2012

In the first photo you can see the cypress knee is dry.

But can you see in the background that the pond apple forest is dry, too?

April 27, 2012

Now compare that to what happened after the storm.

The cypress knee is still dry, yes, but can you see now how it stands at the water's edge?  The pond apple in the background is flooded with a few inches of water.

Rainfall has a way of lingering in the swamp!


Unknown said...

In the time since I photographed these two photos, we've been deluged by a second storm system ... this one actually bigger near Raccoon Point where the photo was taken. I'll have to go up there this week or next to photograph it again since, presumably, the water is now up to and rising up the knees.

Janie said...

All those plants are surely reveling in the water. It's nice to get some good rains.