Mar 19, 2012

Winter comparison (as south Florida sees it!)

The start of spring is good timing for a winter weather comparison.

The catch is I'm going by Naples, Fla's definition of winter.

For those who contend Naples doesn't have winter,
this graph should end that discussion (   :dontknow:  ).

What’s winter in Naples?

Residents of the south peninsula don’t need any reminder of the brutal descent of arctic air that plunges daytime highs below 70° F and nighttime lows below 40° F.

As you can see from the map above,

Naples had 8 days of winter and 3 such nights. Compare that to Orlando which had 24 winter days and 6 winter nights or tundra-bound Tallahassee that recorded 59 days of winter (That adds up to two months!) and 49 nights.

A warm dish of comfort food is a proven way
to stay warm during those cold Naples-style winter days   
The picture grows bleaker by the state as you move north.

Atlanta, Georgia suffered through 137, i.e. four months, of Naples-style winter days and 70 Naples-style winter nights.  (That seems like too much winter for so far south, but then again maybe my definition of winter is wrong?)

Then there is Fargo, North Dakota.  All I can do is shake my head in fright :crybaby:.

At least the Olive Garden there is warm!


Lynda said...

Now why didn't I think to curl my frozen fingers around a couple of warm bread sticks in each pocket on those 3 cold nights this season? Or perhaps I should have tucked them in with my poor potted impatiens that managed to kick the bucket and it didn't even get to 32. The pansies! But actually, real pansies would have scoffed at the cold.

Unknown said...

It's incredible that Miami didn't have a single night drop into the 30s. It was a warm winter by any measure, but that sums it up.

Daryl Ritchison said...

I find it funny that the Olive Garden review story even made it to Naples. We just finished our warmest winter on record, so at least this winter we almost had a day as warm as a cold day in Naples. ;-)