Mar 28, 2012

Unnavigable but quite walkable

Hint:  They are not my footprints ...

Nor was this photo taken this year.

Spring 2011

The bridge in the background is Tamiami Trail, looking north.

This photo was taken in the dried down Turner River in spring of last year.

I know what you're thinking:

"River!  Where?"

Expanded view

Okay, maybe it should be called an ephemeral stream.

It doesn't get this dry that often, but usually it turns unnavigable at some point each spring.


R.Powers said...

I hope that gator found a nice hole with lots of stranded exotic fish to eat.

pguzek said...

Got to be a gator!

Unknown said...

Gators like this river, even more so now that it has a more reliable water source. Although not as low this year as last, the river is at the point where it's only marginally navigable in a canoe. It's also the time of year when gators and paddlers are constricted to tighter and tighter channels. For me, the possibility of the latter means unnavigable, too.