Mar 14, 2012

Sanibel below!!!

A gyre to the south of the island
make Sanibel a premiere place to shell.


Tabor said...

one of my favorite places...reminds me a little of old Florida.

Caroline said...

One of our favorite FL places to visit, too!
I recognize exactly where you took the photo, looking forward to another trip there before too long.

pguzek said...

A gyre in oceanography is any large system of rotating ocean currents, particularly those involved with large wind movements.

Had to look it up! Thanks for the continuing education!

Unknown said...

Lots of good shelling everywhere, but Sanibel has a reputation for being the best. And if you want to find shark teeth, the best place to look is on the Peace River. Tooth fossils are embedded in the exposed geology.

Unknown said...

My Mom-in-law loved this place!