Mar 7, 2012

Musings among the pond apple, or are they?

The wetting front has been retreating all winter …

Until today it’s finally come to this.

That's a pond apple leaf for sure!

Surface water is making its last stand …

In the pond apple forests.

At least that’s the case up in The Big Cypress.

On a recent trip to Corkscrew I noticed they were already dry.

Pond apple forest in Big Cypress Nat'l Preserve

Turns out what I thought were pond apple were actually Dahoon Holly and Pop Ash mixed in. Suffice it to say plant identification is not my strong suit, but functionally I was more right than I knew:

All three plants grow on tussocks in the swamp's low water pools.

But what surprised me most is this:

For the first time ever I saw somebody (a birder) walking barefoot in the swamp.

Boardwalk at Corkscrew Swamp

Of course we were walking on a boardwalk,

But still.

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