Mar 10, 2012

Eternal frontier of the new Pangaea

Is Pangaea a landmass of the past …

Or has it, in a way, come full circle and returned?

Melaleuca found heaven on earth
when it landed in south Florida

Pangaea is of course the super continent.

Instead of seven continents there existed only one.

Common wisdom says it rifted apart some 200 million years ago.

So end of story, right?

I’m not saying they’ll be connecting back together any time soon, but in a way (better known as modern times) can’t we agree that the continents are as close and functionally interconnected as ever? And isn’t it that interconnectivity that gives us the headaches of the myriads of invasive exotic flora and fauna and microbiological organisms that in the blink of an eye land in new territory and then spread like wildfire?

Invasive exotics are bad only because we see them that way.

Of course compared to the pythons,
melaleuca forests look easy to control

You can’t blame an organism for doing what they do.

To them, the open (and predator free) frontier of the new Pangaea is practically a gift from the heavens which shines down on them like a new dawn.

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Janie said...

Yes, the exotics love our newly interconnected continents. They're hell on individual ecosystems, though.