Mar 22, 2012

Driest season makes "juiciest" oranges

The end of the dry season is south Florida's most parched time of the year,

But it also features the arrival of its juiciest variety of orange.

That's quite a bumper crop!

Valencia oranges owe their name to a region of Spain,

Ironically of which, however, this variety of oranges are not grown.

Why then the name?

Early boosters of the Florida citrus industry were probably look for a way to add Old-World gravitas to their burgeoning crop. To be certain, as an eating orange they are a pretty hard sell: they have a thin skin that's hard to peel and lots of seeds within.

Valencia's are the last orange crop of the season

The upshot is they are great for juicing.

Nothing better than a cup of fresh-squeezed Valencia orange juice for quenching one's thirst during the increasingly hotter and drought-stricken days of the dry season's final weeks.

And enjoy them while they last!

Spring marks the final stretch for Florida's citrus season.

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