Mar 10, 2012

Caterpillar in the swamp

In the case of a caterpillar,
the railing is the safest place to go.

Can anybody ID this guy?


Unknown said...

Your caterpillar on the railing looks like the a Black- waved Flannel moth. (Megalopyge crispata) Whatever you do never touch one of these caterpillars, they have stinging spines that can cause severe pain and may even require medical attention.

Don Parsons

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Unknown said...

That's funny Don because I saw some kids holding them in their hands. At the time it didn't seem to hurt them, but I only saw them at a glance.

Whitney Gray said...

It could also be a Virginia tiger moth - Spilosoma virginica. I don't know if they're "holdable"

Unknown said...

That could explain it. (I was always taught not to hold caterpillars, especially colorful ones.)

Janie said...

I wouldn't want to hold one, but this guy has chosen the safer path.