Feb 9, 2012

Wild rattlesnake BBQ roast?

Wild hogs used to scare me ...

But now they almost seem quaint.

Sixty one years and running!

A couple of decades ago the swamp was riddled with feral pigs to the point that the population was irreparably out of control.

The rebound in panthers took care of that.

Next thing you know the pythons have a strangle hold on the hogs that are left.

Why then is it rattlesnakes that are on the rise?

I wonder how old that buggy is?
Turns out rattlesnakes are among a wild hog's favorite feasts.

Of course nobody would want to BBQ one of them.

1 comment:

Janie said...

Sounds like the delicate balance of species is running amock. You may have to learn to BBQ pythons...