Feb 18, 2012

Princely palms

Are these coconut palms?

Unlike the royals they rarely grow up in a straight line.

If these are coconut palms, they are well trimmed.

I hope not here because they reach out dangerously over the road.

I see coconuts on the ground but rarely have I seen one fall, let alone on a car.  This particular road is Gulf Shore Boulevard, on which you see plenty of fancy cars: Bentleys, Mazeratis, Lamborghinis, Mephistos (actually, I think that one is the name of a shoe), Lexi (is it me or does the plural of Lexus not sound right?) and of course Mercedes Benz.

It gets to the point during late winter tourist season that I feel like a downright pauper in my fuel-efficient sedan.

BTW: The vehicle in the photo is just a Ford.

Fun to see a Ford in the fancy car district
Henry Ford's winter estate is just up the road in Ft. Myers.

He's royalty down here in a way.

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