Feb 15, 2012

Meteorologically joined at the hip?

South Florida has two distinct seasons (a wet and a dry) …

But could they be less separate than we might think?

The swamp had its first big dose
of dry season rain

Take for example last winter’s dry season:

The prevailing La Niña repressed dry season rains all winter long, but it was actually the early end to the wet season the previous fall that equally conspired to create the deep spring drought. Adding fuel the fire was the sputtering start to the start of the following wet season rains.

The summer rains sputtered to a start the previous year, too.

But thanks to a regular regime of El Niño fueled fronts, damp conditions lingered well into spring.

Can you see how the resurrection fern responded to the rain?

A wet October doesn’t guarantee a wildfire-free spring …

But throw in a few dry season rain storms and it just might.

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