Feb 11, 2012

Lone gull bites the dust

Gulls are gregarious ...

But they shouldn't be disturbed.

As seen at Barefoot Beach

For one, like animal in the wild they are responsible for finding their own meal. In fact, that consumes all there time to the point that they really don't have an extra energy to spare for much else. Two, the weather's taken a sudden turn to the cold with a brisk north wind.

That gives them even less energy to waste.

We're enjoy ourselves out on the beach ...

But for the gulls it's survival.

Beware: There's an eagle out there watching!

Not that humans are the only thing those gulls should fear.

We'd been seeing a bald eagle at the beach which we assumed was eating fish to its heart's content, only after weeks of watching it we never saw it take one with success. Then out of nowhere, and all in a flash, we saw it torpedo down on a lone gull which it initially impaired then looped back around for the grab, clenching it in its talons and taking it up out of view high in the trees.

Gulls are gregarious for a reason.

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