Feb 29, 2012

Did anyone have winter?

This winter's warm streak continues.

In Naples, there's only been eight days that failed to rise above 70° F.

You can count all 8 days on the chart above.
(This week has been particularly warm.)

Compare that to last winter and the one before that which averaged 35 and 42 such days.

Of course they were unusually cold winters by Naples standards.

Naples enjoyed consistent highs in the upper 70s
and lows in the upper 50s all winter

Or compare it to the continent where "real winter" resides ...

Well maybe not this year there either.


Unknown said...

"Real winters"...hmmmm. I do not think we've had a normal winter any where in the continental U.S. In fact, our winter in Michigan has been so warm and not wintery that those of us with allergies who usually have less during the winter have been miserable! Between the humidity and rain it has been awful!

Unknown said...

My allergies have just started to kick up a little. I don't have them bad, but it's hard not to sneeze with all the pollen blowing around.