Jan 21, 2012

Snake mosaic

Where else can you go from rattlesnake high ground ...

to water moccasin swamp in a single step?

My guess is that there is a snake or two
down there somewhere.

At least that's what I'm thinking about when I look at this photo. Rattlesnakes inhabit the palmetto understory of the pineland in the foreground.  Just a few steps away in the shaded and shallowing water of the cypress dome is its venomous counterpart.

I call it the snake mosaic.

As for the python?

From what I've been told they can go practically anywhere: mangroves, palmetto, sawgrass plain, pineland, hammock, tree islands, dry prairies, swimming pools and even coastal estuary.  Here's to hoping there aren't any hanging out up in the cypress branches, too.

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