Jan 18, 2012

Sad Day in Swampville

Who doesn't love an old-growth cypress tree ...

Let alone one that was 3,500 years old?

Who did it and why is anyone's guess.

But early Monday morning "The Senator" had burned to the ground.

Swampville will recover, but it's going to take time.

Big Cypress Swamp's oldest cypress trees are only 500 years old.


Unknown said...

I just received this by email:

"They are now saying that the fire was not caused by arson, but by a lightning strike that ignited the hollow core of the old tree and smoldered for a week before bursting into the flames that finally destroyed The Senator. This is indeed a sad day for lovers of old growth. The 2,000 year old Lady Liberty cypress wasn't harmed by the fire."

Jeff D said...

I was sad to see that The Senator burned down but will admit to relief when I heard that it was not arson.