Jan 8, 2012

Don't need a weatherman to know ...

Looks green down there in the gulf, right?

Hard to believe a red tide has been brewing for months.

Red tide is hard to see
Lee County Gulf Coast

I started up near Tampa, but for the longest time we didn’t get even a whiff of it to the south on Collier Country’s beaches, Naples Beach being the one I most frequently visit, even though the reports said that it was lingering offshore.

Then a powerful cold front swept in from the Northwest.

I couldn’t see the red tide from the beach either.

But its aerosol was in the air. I could feel it as a tickle in the back of my throat that made me sporadically cough.

This sign helps alert visitors of the invisible threat.
By historical standards this event has been quite mild

A week later, on the same beach, I couldn’t detect a trace.

Winds were out of the south.

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Janie said...

The red tide sounds like an event to avoid. I'm glad it didn't hang around.