Jan 6, 2012

Back when the alley was "The Alley"

Remember the days when roads were undersized and clunky ...

and it practically took forever to get from point A to B?

I hadn't stepped foot in Florida by the time they widened Alligator Alley, the old State Road 84, into the modern super highway rendition called Interstate 75.

That happened between 1986 and 1992.

I never saw it or drove it but somehow I miss it all the same.


Jungle Pete said...

Funny how that road terrified me when I was a kid but now I drive it all the time. It was a pretty scary road. One accident would shut the whole thing down and I remember in 1977 being trapped in the middle. My dad never let on how bad the situation was but there was a wildfire burning to the east and to the west and we were stuck in the middle. I wish it were a causeway, but I'll take a widened road.

Unknown said...

Funny now, but no laughing matter then. Memories are often like that.