Dec 19, 2011

Weather outside is frightful!

Highs in the mid 70s and lows in the 60s ...

That doesn't sound so frightful.

This chart shows daily high and low temperatures
for Naples Florida
You know it's cold in Naples when the daily high temperature doesn't break above 70 degrees.  At least as measured at Naples Airport, that's yet to happen so far this winter.

That is, if in fact Naples has a winter.

That's a topic for another debate.


Unknown said...

No, it doesn
t sound bad! We're not here in the upper Midwest either, sadly. We had a little snow earlier, but we're mostly looks like we wil have a no snow Christmas....sadly.

Unknown said...

It's been an unusually warm, but pleasant, winter for us here in south Florida. We've yet to have a really really cold day, i.e., daytime high in the 60s. (Okay, I'll admit, that's actually not cold!)