Dec 1, 2011

Storming down memory lane

Time lines are like a walk down memory lane.

Below is a color-coded chronology of this year's 19 named storms.

Timeline of 2011 Hurricane Season

Six years ago (2005) was a season we'd soon like to forget.

On the other hand it's hard to recall the exact name and place of all 28 named storms which, when they were all said and done, was the most active hurricane season ever.

Timeline of 2005 Hurricane Season

Then in 2009 an El NiƱo barely gave us anything to remember.

Only one storm — Bill — even made it to Category 4.

Timeline of 2009 Hurricane Season

Source: Wikipedia

Of course all it takes is one to leave an indelible memory in anyone's mind.

For me and a lot of others, that would be Wilma (see 2005).


Unknown said...

Note to reader: Go Hydrology! is experiencing some unexpected technical issues. My initial fact gathering is pointing towards it being a Blogger issues, i.e., the Post Editor keeps giving error messages.

Is anybody else having similar issues in Blogger?

Rick said...

Not me, Robert, although I still use the old school editor and haven't switched to the new version.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the feedback Rick. BTW, your suggestion worked. I went back to the old-school editor and now it appears I can post. It seems that bloggers everywhere, i.e. Italy, London, are experiencing the same problem.