Dec 10, 2011

Maryland My Maryland

Did you ever have a situation not go your way ...

Or something for some reason just drags you down?

Sometimes in life you just can't catch a break:
Even a trusty bench lets you down.

It isn’t a question of if, but probably how many:

And more importantly where do you go to regroup.

Some chose the swamp, others maybe the beach, still others may hop on the plane and run all the way home to the safest and truest spot they know. I’m not saying I’m running away from my problems …

But sometimes you’ve got to get some distance in space in time to clear your head.

That's when it's time to light out
for the beach, deep nature, or somewhere far away

For that and other reasons it feels good to be back in Ye Olde Mudderland.


walk2write said...

I hope your time at home helps you clear your thoughts. Be safe and enjoy!

Tabor said...

It is cold here in Mudderland today. Hope you do not get a chill!