Dec 25, 2011

Chunk of limestone from Santa?

Did you ever have a year you thought you were being really good ...

Only to wake up on the big day to find nothing but a chunk of rock under the tree?

This chunk of rock is on display
at the Palm Cottage

The chuck of limestone shown above is called Tamiami Tabby.

The original settlers of Naples didn’t have any cement mills, but with plenty of sand and water and shells they were pretty well set. Mix them together in a broth over the high heat of a buttonwood fire, and then let it dry, and tabby is what you got.

Palm Cottage is the oldest house in Naples, Florida

Not as strong as modern cement, but good enough:

They used it to build the Palm Cottage – Naples oldest house – which, just a few blocks from Naples Pier, is still standing.  At least, that's what I read on the sheet of paper above the rock.

There's a side of me still thinking that somebody was a really bad boy.


Secret Aging Man (SAM) said...

Hang in there! Stalagmites grow over long periods of time. They (we) are best appreciated when viewed from above.

Lynda said...

Since I am from Colorado, I can't help but notice the dearth of good rocks around here. But the Tabby is pretty cool, even if she ain't natural.

Unknown said...

Florida has a lot more geology than it get's credit for. As a geologist, SAM knows all about that.