Nov 30, 2011

What's luckier than getting no storms?

Hurricane season is over!

That’s a milestone we tend to forget during storm-free years.

Take a deep sigh of relief:
December is the only tornado and hurricane-free month.

Hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th.

Not that there weren’t any storms out there.

The 2011 Hurricane Season is tied for the third busiest on record with 19 total storms, 7 of them hurricanes and 3 of them major hurricanes, i.e., Category 3 or higher.

What made it unremarkable in our collective psyche is that none of them made landfall in Florida. It’s now been six seasons since a hurricane strength storm made landfall in Florida.

Floridians have a love hate relationship with hurricane season:

“We could use the rain but not the wind” is commonly said. When it comes to fall rain that saying rarely holds true.

Click on map to review Florida hurricane history storm by storm.

Wilma (October 2005) was the last hurricane-strength
storm to make landfall in Florida. 

This year it did.

But the reality is we usually get neither or both.

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