Nov 18, 2011

Oldest trees of Collier County

Is there a limit on how high ...
a cypress tree can grow?

Old Growth Cypress Trees
as seen on Big Cypress Bend Boardwalk
in Fakahatchee Strand State Park
November 20111
Consider that first they had to avoid getting cut down in the 1940s and second they had to withstand the mighty gales of a hurricane force storm. The former will cut them down to square one and the second will snag them at the top.

These two escaped the first but not the second.


Tabor said...

So now will they die a slow death? One looks like a strangler fig is beginning to cover it.

Unknown said...

That's the botanical equivalent of a python fighting a bull gator: it's a stalemate for years and years to come. You raise a good point, however, i.e., under what conditions does a strangler fig, if ever, kill its host plant?

Can any tropical plant experts chime in?

Jeff D said...

Not a tropical expert but I've seen stranger fig kill palm trees. Once the fig gets to the top of the tree, it builds a canopy above the host tree. Perhaps trees with large canopies can still get enough sunlight but palm trees don't seem to fare well.