Nov 12, 2011

Ocean City, Florida?

Compared to August at the beach in Ocean City, Maryland ...

The Gulf of Mexico at Naples Beach is summer-like warm.

By Maryland sea shore standards,
Naples beach is warm all year long.

The only difference?

I'm done swimming in the gulf for the winter.  It's way too cold!

Cold of course is a relative term. Northerners will be flocking the beaches soon and -- so long as the sun is out -- won't hesitate to go in for a dip. Then again they have Vermont-chilled molasses running through their veins. Compare that to us south Florida year rounders:

Our blood is as thin as water!

In the order we saw them:
a cat, an alligator and a mermaid.
The good news is ...

There's plenty to do on the beach besides swim.

I for one always admire a good sand sculpture (or three.)

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