Nov 8, 2011

Hydric pines

West of Mud Lake:
Early November 2011


Dr. Tom said...


I hit "preview" and lost my comment. Over the past two weeks I submitted comments but they have not appeared :-( So here is another try.

Do you have growth rates and ages for the hydric pines compared to more upland pines? I would expect more distinct and narrower growth rings for the hydric pines.

Take care, Dr. Tom

Unknown said...

Good question about the pines. Let me ask our botanist. I know that the more water they slower the growth, so yes you are probably right.

Caroline said...

Ok, Rob...definition of hydric, please. How do they manage to live like that?

Unknown said...

In this part of the world hydric means they get wet for a good three months of the year. October rains were so high that they went back under after drying out in late September. But the dry season has begun so it won't be long before they dry out. The water does slow down their growth, or so I read.