Nov 5, 2011

End of Daylight Savings!

Don’t forget:

Tonight’s the night we turn back the swamp sun dial.

This stump shadow
reads time incredibly precise.

The traditional adjustment calls for a one fell swoop one hour change.

But for me that’s much too abrupt. My preference instead is to turn it back 15 minutes on Friday night, then another half hour on Saturday night, then take Sunday night off to let those forty five minutes soak in (in the same spirit as does a high-altitude mountain climber make base camp at 20,000 ft to acclimate to the low oxygen air) before proceeding with correcting for the final remaining 15 minutes on Monday night.

If I were king for a day,

I would grant everyone a week off of work to fully adjust.

As far as the natural world goes.

Has anyone else noticed how instantaneously the cypress trees respond to the sudden one hour loss of light? As you are aware, it’s the decrease in light, not the onset of cold, that causes their needles to fall. The one hour drop off causes them to turn from green to gray virtually overnight.

The end of Daylight Savings
has a startling effect
on cypress trees.
Not even the sun is immune!

Sunsets over the gulf are much more frequent once daylight savings ends. Trust me, I’ve been at Naples Beach until close to 8 pm on many a summer day and never saw it set. (Presumably it never did.) Compare that to the winter where the sun sets – and beautifully I might add  like clockwork during the same time as in the summer it would be bright as could be day.

Sunsets are also more frequent
once Daylight Savings ends.

And last but not least:

Is it me or does everyone suddenly grow taller?

(As judged by my shadow cast on the ground.)

Who would have thought a swamp dial could be so strong?


Caroline said...

I vote you king for a day, I think your idea of easing in to the change is perfect! Even better when we have to "spring back".

Unknown said...

Could I be king for that entire week. I would also move the Colts back to Baltimore (and give Indianapolis the Orioles instead,) plus a few other tweaks.