Nov 19, 2011

Cypress-squeezing python plant?

Do strangler figs really strangle their host?

The grip on this one looks kind of loose.

This is one of the two twin trees in yesterday's post.

The one below looks a little tighter:

Not much room to breathe.

Cypress trees have trouble
shrugging the figs off.

This one appears to be the botanical equivalent ...

of a constricting python snake bearing down.

The evidence seems strong:
But is the fig to blame?
As for the rest of this cypress tree,

It's just beside the stump in the swamp below.


pguzek said...

Is the fig an invasive or non-native plant?

Tabor said...

I love this photo. That fig is just soooo super in love!!

Unknown said...

They are native. Also see Dr. Tom's comment in the post above.