Oct 29, 2011

Watch your step!

Sometimes colors are a dead giveaway ...

As in don't eat them or you could die!

These creatures were crawling
in mass across the leaf litter
of a moist New England fall
Creatures colored phosphorescent orange
are more than likely toxic to the touch.

This mushroom had
the exact same shade.

And I definitely won’t eat
mushrooms of a similar shade …

For fear that they are poisonous.

As you can see
they weren't very big:

Can you see the two salamanders and one mushroom?

Except for pumpkins …

Orange is perfectly fine.

Nearby pumpkin patch

Especially the seeds!

Baking recipe will be posted tomorrow at 2 pm.


Misti said...

Relived some AT moments with these fellas a few weeks ago when I did some work in PA. Loved seeing them out and about in the forest.

Unknown said...

At one swampy spot they were everywhere!

jabblog said...

Amazing to see so many salamanders - maybe it isn't so uncommon?