Oct 12, 2011

"Rainless" Big Rain Day?

What a difference a week makes …

At least for some basins.

Except for the Kissimmee,
most of the other basins are still down
for the wet season.

Between those two dates we finally got our Big Rain Day.

It was our first of the wet season and the biggest day of rain in south Florida since Tropical Storm Fay. As you can see from the animated graph above, however, it wasn’t evenly spread. The Kissimmee was deluged with 6 inches of rain – that’s basin wide (in local sub-basins twice that amount fell) – but in Naples and The Big Cypress the clouds swirled but the rain never came.

Can you see the white spot in the Kissimmee?
That's over 15 inches in two days!

This SFWMD-produced raindar map that shows the pattern well:

Purple is 12 inches and light blue under a quarter inch.

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