Oct 24, 2011

Official cold front finally arrives!

Mark you books:

It’s official!

First official cold front arrives:

But is it still warm enough
to swim in the Gulf?

Naples received its first official cold front of peninsular fall.

And perfectly times for the weekend no less.

We had a slug of cool and dry air descend down from the continent to start the month, but it wasn’t cool enough – at least by text book definitions. By text book I’m talking Morton D. Winsberg’s Florida Weather. For comparative purposes, he defines the arrival of the first cold front form various metropolises across the state as two consecutive nights below 60° F standard.

The weekend rewarded us
with our our coldest consecutive
nights since March.
Can you see where that happened on the graph above?

Trust me, it felt cooler than it graphs up.

To celebrate I went swimming in the gulf.

Now that was cold!


Suwannee Refugee said...

I think the cold we feel is in direct proportion to the summer we've had. A hot summer will make a mild cold front feel like we're in Syracuse;)

Unknown said...

You're right: it's definitely relative.