Oct 7, 2011

Lull before the rain blizzard!

Meteorologists in Palm Beach are calling
for a rain blizzard of a weekend ...

But today had the feel of a lull before the storm.

It was blue sky and breezy in Naples.

Compare that to the video I stopped and took looking up at Wooten's flag on my ride into work a week or two ago. It was mid morning, around 9 am and -- shockingly -- the flag was slumping straight down.  There wasn't a whiff of wind in any directions. The early morning land breeze, i.e., blowing toward the coast, had died but the afternoon land breeze, i.e. blowing inland, hadn't yet picked up.

Or in other words,

I was looking up at the sky reversing course!

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vanyelmoon said...

Starting to feel the bands here in south Florida. Hoping my garden will survive and torrential rains :(