Oct 1, 2011

Lobster's revenge!

I was stuck in traffic earlier this summer in the Keys.

It was Mini Lobster season.

Usually they aren't this big!

That has nothing to do with the size of the lobsters ...

But rather the shortness of that particular season.

Regular spiny lobster season runs from August 6 through March 31. Lobster Mini Season (not to be confused with Mini Lobster season) runs for two days in the last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday in July. There must be a good reason for that.

I was glad to have finally escaped the traffic (and that giant lobster!)


jabblog said...

That lobster would give me nightmares! The mini season is a strange one, though.

Unknown said...

It's spider-like in its appearance and is a bit frightening.

Jungle Pete said...

So just to be clear - it's ok to trespass...just not past the wall?

Unknown said...

Pete, I saw one patron cross over the wall and the spiny lobster nearly devoured him whole. (It was as close a call as I've seen.)