Oct 21, 2011

Holy grail bird

Has anyone seen an ivory-billed woodpecker recently?

The reason I say "recently" is because the last confirmed sighting was in 1944.

If the Yeti exists,
who's to say the Lord God Bird
isn't out there, too.
Back in 2005 there was a rash of new sightings ...

But as far as I know none of those were ever confirmed.

Now I'm reading an article in the Economist that declares them re-extinct.

Some ornithologists regard the bird as the Holy Grail.

Come to think of it they never found that either.


vanyelmoon said...

So sad. I wish it wasn't true. So many species disappearing every day.

Tabor said...

Funny in a very sad way. We have lost 50% of the population of birds since 1970 and with destruction of habitat this continues.

Unknown said...

It's sad, you're right. I wish we could be better stewards.