Sep 6, 2011

Well-lit dome?

Here's an insider view of a cypress dome.

By that I mean we are inside the dome.

This dome has a characteristic break in the center of its canopy.

That's a sign that either the water is too deep or peat too thick (and unstable) to allow trees to grow ... probably a combination.

Sun shines in through the hole to light up the dome.


Lynda said...

There is something so stately and peaceful about these refuges from the sun. I would like to be there when the tillandsias are blooming sometime. I can't imagine wading through like you do though; the boardwalk at corkscrew and the like is about as brave as I'm going to get. Lots of mosquitoes?

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Hi Lynda. Yes, On this day there were quite a few. Fortunately I had a wide brim hat and some face netting.