Sep 15, 2011

Rain chart aficionados only!

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Martin St Lucie rain HISTORYCoastal Palm Beach rain HISTORYWCA1&2 rain HISTORYCoastal Broward rain HISTORYMiami-Dade rain HISTORYUpper Kissimmee rain HISTORYLower Kissimmee rain HISTORYLake O rain HISTORYEAA rain HISTORY
WCA3 rain HISTORYEast Caloosahatchee rain HISTORYWest EAA rain HISTORYBig Cypress Nat'l Preserve rain HISTORYSouthwest Coast rain HISTORYSFWMD-wide rain HISTORYMartin St Lucie rain chartCoastal Palm Beach rain chartWCA1&2 rain chartCoastal Broward rain chartMiami-Dade rain chartUpper Kissimmee rain chartLower Kissimmee rain chartLake O rain chartEAA rain chartWCA3 rain chartEast Caloosahatchee rain chartWest EAA rain chartBig Cypress Nat'l Preserve rain chartSouthwest Coast rain chartSFWMD-wide rain chart


Lynda said...

I'm guessing our neighborhood ponds will be full when we return in Oct. When we left in June it was getting grim. North Naples.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Yes, it was a late start to the wet season this year. July and August were average or above but now all of a sudden the past week has been mostly dry. Waters start falling at a drop of a hat when that happens.