Aug 7, 2011

"Water water everywhere ..."

Summer is our wet season,

But within it we also have dry spells.

"Just a few drops will do!"

Not that your socks won't get any less wet walking here.

But can you see the resurrection fern in the foreground how it's all withered and dry? That means it's been a good few days since we last had rain ... at least in that spot.

"Water, water everywhere ... but not a drop to drink."

All it needs is a few drops to splash up green as new the next day.


Ciss B said...

Your photo is so beautiful! It really has a peaceful feeling. Course you probably slogged through a swamp or two to get to this kind of beauty! :-)

troutbirder said...

It's an exotic landscape allright. Our swamps are quite so dramatic. :)

Robert V. Sobczak said...

It is fun and peaceful in the deep spots when the water is up. Just plan on ruining a pair of socks (and boots.)