Aug 27, 2011

"Watch where you step!"

While I’m not the toughest guy around …

Nobody likes to slice their toe open on a shell.

Pruned feet are easily cut on a sharp shell

Or at least I think that’s what it was.

I was in three feet of water at the time, and – as is typically the case – horsing around when, next thing I knew, I was wincing in pain and hobbling to shore, flopping down on the wet sand, trying to get a good look.

My verdict?

It was deep, but clean …
Except for the shard I still found in it a day later.

Can you see the three shell flecks in my big toe?

But two days later it was still weeping and with a long three week summer holiday out of the country planned, wisdom prevailed and I was advised to have a doctor have a see before we boarded the plane.

Her verdict?

Three more pieces still there …
But too small to get out.

All I can hope is that extra calcium is good for my bones!


Ciss B said...

Owwwww! This is why I do not walk barefoot! Anywhere!

Robert V. Sobczak said...

I have to toughen up my feet, especially for the hot asphalt which can be quite scorching.