Aug 24, 2011

Tropical curve balls

Here's a comprehensive guide to every hurricane that's ever struck Florida.

Just click on the dots to reach each storms history.

Alma (Jun 1966) was the earliest ...
Kate (Nov1985) among the latest.
The big news is how few have struck recently.

Any initial relief of Irene turning north (and away from the Florida peninsula,) was swept away by the byline that it was only first Atlantic-spawned hurricane of the year.

That means more are on the way.

As shown on the graph:

September and October account for half of Florida’s hurricanes.

Typical storm tracks

Irene could continue skirting east and miss the US coastline altogether.

Click here to see an animated map of how Irene’s NOAA-forecasted storm track has changed over the past week. If the eastern trend continues, it would put Florida and there rest of the Gulf and Atlantic Coast states high on the list of being long overdue.

Last hurricane to strike Florida was October 2005 when Category 3 strength Wilma made landfall in at Cape Romano and the last to strike the United States was September 2008 when Category 4 strength Ike made landfall near Galveston Texas.

Still plenty of chances to get more rain!

Fall is make or break for the south Florida's terrestrial wet season.

As shown in the graph above, the meteorologic wet season fizzles to an end by mid October and by the end of November activity in the tropics dwindles, too ...

Except in the case of 2005 when it couldn't seem to stop.

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