Aug 15, 2011

Three strikes for Suwannee

The Suwannee is a Florida divide:

To the south is peninsular, everything north is continental.

Suwannee missed out on its normal spring flows

Actually, it’s a blend of the two:

Frontal storms on the continent bring it to its annual peak each spring, but usually its tailwater reaches it can count on a second wind of water in the form of pensinsular-fueled sea-breeze storms to keep it flowing at a good clip all summer long.

This year, neither happened enough.

As a result, the Suwannee is having a record low year.

Comparison of the Suwannee to the Caloosahatchee (S-79)

Those two meteorological misses notwithstanding,

A rise in groundwater pumping didn’t help.

Here’s an article that explains more.

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Suwannee Refugee said...

Beings that my blog is all about the Suwannee can I repost this blog on my site, giving you total credit? If not, its cool.