Aug 4, 2011

Storms like clockwork?

While I don't wear one myself ...

There’s an old wise tale about watches and Florida weather:

Apparently at some point in the summer, starting in August, but on occasion as early as July, and lasting a good while into September (although there are no guarantees), the summer afternoon showers become so reliable that like clockwork you can literally look down at your wrist or other time keeping device and, to a rain drop, watch the pavement get wet then turn into puddles and thunder and lightning fill the air at precisely the same moment as yesterday and the day before and the day before that and in all probability the next day to come.

Or as the saying goes:

"You can practically set your watch to 'em!"

Side note:

Sticklers for accuracy usually stick with Greenwich Mean Time.

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The Florida Blogger said...

Yeah, you can just about set your watch to storms in the summer in FL. BTW-Can you change my url on your site to Thanks for the link love.